Here is a brief overview of our Frequently Asked Questions:

How close is Westside Warehouse to major highways in the Lehigh Valley?
Located on Route 378, Westside Warehouse is 5 minutes to Rt. 22 and 10 minutes
to I-78.

What products do you typically accommodate?
We are a full-service general merchandise warehouse with a food-grade license. The only inventories which we do not handle are hazmat materials or those requiring refrigeration.

Are you staffed to provide additional services?
Yes. Westside has a full-time staff onsite during the work week and can staff up for projects anytime, including evenings and weekends. We regularly provide multiple services: pool distribution, pick-and-pack, cross-docking. Whatever you need, we can fulfill it.

How secure is my inventory at Westside Warehouse?
Concrete and steel fireproof construction with fully heated, moisture free concrete floors. Dry sprinkler system throughout. 24/7 security monitoring for all areas, including onsite fenced facility for trucks.

What are Westside's insurance provisions?
We maintain Warehousemans Legal Liability Insurance.

What are your rates?
Contact us today for a quote and we will respond promptly.